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How to Use This Site

India Resource Center provides news, analysis, research tools and action alerts to respond to corporate activity in India and internationally. We work closely with people who are directly affected by corporate-led globalization as well as with others fighting for corporate accountability, human rights, social and environmental justice. The site's functions are:
  • News, information, exposes, analysis and first person accounts
  • Campaign updates and action alerts
  • Activist alerts and information on how you can get involved in grassroots action
The best way to stay up to date on what's new on IndiaResource.org is to join our email list and receive regular (but not too frequent) updates. You can sign up from our homepage by clicking on Join Us.



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India Resource Center (IRC) is a project of Global Resistance -- "Building Global Links for Justice"
URL: http://www.IndiaResource.org Email:IndiaResource (AT) igc.org